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HOPPECKE grid-Systemizer - ENERGY STORAGE SOLUTION IN CONTAINER for load leveling, Peak shaving, black start etc.

The growing integration of volatile renewable energy into the electrical grid results in new challenges to Power Companies, grid operators as well producers and consumers of electric energy. The power generation from wind and sun cannot be controlled in the same save way as the power generated by conventional power plants. As a result the future energy might be generated at times with no energy consumption or there will be request for energy when the renewables are not available. 

HOPPECKE has developed the grid systemizer family as a “plug & store” turnkey solution. Intelligent Battery Energy Storage Solutions like the HOPPECKE grid systemizer can play an important role in handling this imbalance and its related cost in a most effective and intelligent way.

Exhibitor: Hoppecke Batterien GmbH & Co. KG

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