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Traditional Slovak manufacturer of linear winding machines since 1992.

There are bench and floor type machines available. They are characterized by simple operation, high accuracy, smooth run and high reliability.

Thanks to advanced know-how and development of new machines and CNC control systems it is a lead producer in the region of the Central and Eastern Europe.


  • Bench type coil winding machines ERN
    • 22
    • 32
    • 42
    • 52
    • 60
  • Floor type coil winding machines ERN
    • 100
    • 150
    • 200
    • 500
  • Accessories for winding machines
Coil winding machine ERN 32T

Coil winding machine ERN 32T

Bench type model for max. wire size 2,50 mm
Speed range 750 - 1500 - 6000 rpm
Max. winding width 300 mm
Max. coil diameter 250 mm

Coil winding machine ERN 60T

Coil winding machine ERN 60T

Strong bench type model with max. torque 60 Nm and automatic switch gear.
Speed range 500 - 2000 rpm.
Max. winding width 450 mm.
Max. coil diameter 450 mm.

Coil winding machine ERN 100G/800

Coil winding machine ERN 100G/800

Floor type winding machine with max. torque 150 Nm.
Speed range 300 - 600 rpm.
Max. winding width 800 mm, optional 400, 1000, 1200
Max. coil diameter 600 mm, optional 800, 1000, 1200


TPC s.r.o
Palenica 53/79
03301 Liptovsky Hradok

Телефон: +421 44 5221633

Igor Brezina
Sales Manager
Телефон: +421 905 326747

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