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About us

Since 1927, the family company has been developing and producing in Germany, and thanks to its leading research and development activities, it has all reliable and innovative storage technologies in its product portfolio. Electric energy is required everywhere and in ever more applications. In this world, where everything becomes electrical, HOPPECKE is your partner and expert.

We understand our customers and with our energy solutions, designed for safety and availability, we serve four principal areas of application: emission-free drives (trak), secured power supply (grid), storage of regenerative energies (sun) and railway and metro-systems (rail). From the comprehensive product programme of batteries and cells to complete energy systems with the most modern charging technology, monitoring units and engineering to consumption dependent energy billing - our portfolio always contains the suitable product tailored to the individual customer requirements.

Products and services

We produce vented and valve regutlated lead acid, NiCad and LiOn batteries and Battery-Systems as well as customized complete power supply Solutions. We engineer and deliver innovative complete Energy Storage Systems for Load Leveling, Peak shaving, black start. For Nuclear Safety we engineer, produce and deliver Nuclear proved batteries in sesimic racks. HOPPECKE delivers the complete Batteries for HPC Nuclear Power Plant in United Kingdom.

HOPPECKE gridISystemizer

HOPPECKE gridISystemizer

Complete Solution of a Battery Energy Storage System in Container including: Inverter, Battery, Stearing, BMS-EMS, Monitoring, Container, Medium Voltage Transformer, Medium Voltage Switch

HOPPECKE planté cells for (Nuclear) Power Stations

HOPPECKE planté cells for (Nuclear) Power Stations

HOPPECKE vented lead acid planté cells are the best solution for Power Stations and Power Plants with longest live time and high current behaviour.
Including the HOPPECKE Aqua-Gen these batteries are maintence free (according to DIN) for the whole life time.

HOPPECKE OSP.HC cells for (Nuclear) Power Stations

HOPPECKE OSP.HC cells for (Nuclear) Power Stations

HOPPECKE OSP.HC cells are a very good solution for Power Stations and Power Plants with a very high current behaviour.
Including the HOPPECKE AQUA-GEN These cells are maintenance free (according to DIN) for the whole life time.
These batteries are installed in a lot of Power Plants, Nuclear Power Plants and Substations all over the world.

News & Innovations

HOPPECKE grid-Systemizer - ENERGY STORAGE SOLUTION IN CONTAINER for load leveling, Peak shaving, black start etc. 

The growing integration of volatile renewable energy into the electrical grid results in new challenges to Power Companies, grid operators as well producers and consumers of electric energy. The power generation from wind and sun cannot be controlled in the same save way as the power generated by conventional power plants. As a result the future energy might be generated at times with no energy consumption or there will be request for energy when the renewables are not available.

HOPPECKE has developed the grid systemizer family as a “plug & store” turnkey solution. Intelligent Battery Energy Storage Solutions like the HOPPECKE grid systemizer can play an important role in handling this imbalance and its related cost in a most effective and intelligent way.


Hoppecke Batterien GmbH & Co. KG
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Rolf Werkmeister
Sales Director Power Generation
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